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Luckview Baby Car Mirror BM1, 5'' HD 1080P Baby Car Camera with IR Night Vision, Colors Accuracy & Full Viewing Angles, 3X Zoom in Closer, Driving Safety with Baby Car Camera for Back Seat Rear Facing

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Color: HD 1080P


  • [5'' HD 1080P Monitor] Replaced the traditional baby car mirror, BM1 car baby camera allows you to see more details of the back seat, which relieves the anxiety of parents when traveling with their baby.
  • [Enhanced IR Night Vision] BM1 baby car camera has 2 infrared lights to help see your baby in the back seat in the absence of light, and even the image is clearer than the blinding LED cameras.
  • [3X Zoom in Closer] Luckview BM1 baby car monitor can magnify images 3 times without quality loss, making you feel closer to your cute baby.
  • [Colors Accuracy & Full Viewing Angles] Luckview BM1 baby car monitor adopts IPS technology to produce accurate colors and consistent brightness from all viewing angles, better than other car monitors.
  • [Easy to Use] No tools and skills are required. Connecting the 12V cigarette lighter, BM1 car monitor will automatically turn on and display the image of the rear camera. Fasten car camera aesthetically to your headrest with the diving velcro strap.

model number: BM1-US

Part Number: BM1-US

Details: Luckview Baby Car Camera BM1 BM1 is dedicated to helping drivers traveling with infants, babies and kids remain focused on driving safely. Using this product you would have the security of being able to glance at the baby in the back seat without turning to take your eyes off the road. BM1 Baby Car Camera Features 5-inch IPS Screen with Shading Plate *You can view the picture from the side without deformation and color cast, with a shading plate. 5 Glasses & 1 Plastic Rear Camera *The lens is durable and will not age and blur with time. Diving Material Camera Straps *The one-word strap is easy to install, simple and beautiful. Components and Material *Use double shielding anti-interference signal wire and pure copper power cable. It has durability and safety, high-temperature resistance, heat dissipation and anti-melting. *Use high-quality DC-DC power ICs. The power supply is stable and can be used continuously for 24 hours; *Use higher quality and higher specification components. The service life is more than 2 years. Multiple Safety Certifications *FCC/UL/CE/RHOS/WEEE/ISO HD 1080P Image Quality *1920×1080 pixels of resolution results in a smoother, clearer image. Night Vision with 2 Soft IR Lights *Automatically switch the day/night mode and even create an accurate color reproduction at night. 3x Zoom In(specific features) The image can be enlarged by 3 times to focus on the baby. Adjustable Screen Brightness(specific features) *Avoid the screen being too bright at night to distract and too dark to see during the day. Flip the Image Up, Down, left and right(specific features) *Get the correct picture without adjusting the camera. Gift Attribute(specific features) *Gift box with exquisite design Disadvantages of Other Brand Products *4.3 inch/5 inch screens without IPS show purple images. *Cheap cameras (2 glass and 2 plastic or all plastic) tend to age and blur. *Nylon rope material is easy to wear and tear, and the cross straps are troublesome to install *Use non-shielding signal wire and non-pure copper or even Aluminium power cable has short usage life of a half year or less. *LED lights are not good for children's eyes when there is insufficient light at night, while single-glass IR lights will cause color casts during the day. For more support, please ask Luckview a question with 24h service.

Package Dimensions: 9.6 x 6.7 x 2.6 inches

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